Year 8 Transition

Our programme explores the transition issues which Year 8 students experience as they enter a new school environment which both excites and challenges them.

Learning outcome:

Students will find themselves better equipped to manage practical and social issues in the new school context.

Questions which students raise:

  • How do I make new friends?
  • How do I 'fit in' to a new school?
  • If I experience bullying, what do I do?
  • How do I keep up my grades in all subjects?
  • How do I organise myself in practical ways?

Course outline:

  • Organisational skills : Ways of planning, questioning, networking, reflecting
  • Strategies for building a personal sense of self. Developing the self-confidence and self-esteem of the individual student. Ways in which I can contribute to the school community?
  • Communication skills which make friendships easier to achieve.
  • Ways of minimising the risk of being Bullied or Cyber bullied. If it happens where does the student get the support they need
  • Setting realistic targets for academic achievement. Ways to overcome challenges in difficult subjects.