Women's Programmes

The following are the programmes for Women (please see below brief details on each course). All programmes can be discussed with AchieveNI in terms of content, duration and cost. Programmes are customised to the needs and concerns of each specific group.

  • HEALTH & WELL BEING: This programme identifies the 5 key factors in maintaining health and well being for women, identifies participants’ fears and develops strategies in making small but significant changes in each of the five elements.

  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: This programme identifies the sources of stress in participants’ lives, discover patterns of response, develop support systems and learn relaxation / mindfulness strategies.

  • ANGER MANAGEMENT: This programme explains the nature of Anger, different ways people experience anger, identifies triggers and personal anger patterns and introduces participants to a wide range of effective communication and calming techniques.

  • SHARED FUTURE: Celebrating Diversity & Difference in Communities; This programme explains how experiencing diversity and difference is essentially a positive human challenge. We explore how we struggle when people are ‘labelled’ with visible and invisible negative categories, whether race, religion, environment, culture, disability and special learning. The group is supported in two areas; (1) Managing fear and tolerating risk in unfamiliar environments (2) Welcoming, communicating and respecting those who are different through a range of group activities and creative exploration

  • MINDFULNESS & CREATIVE EXPRESSION: This programme explains what mindfulness is, where mindfulness fits into daily living and how ‘being in the present’ decreases stress and anxiety. The exercises link mindfulness with creative expressions in art and writing.

  • RELATIONSHIPS & CREATING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: This programme explores how healthy relationships centre on self-esteem, good communication and where boundaries are clear, respected and celebrated. Different strategies and exercises develop these qualities and attitudes in the participants.

  • SUICIDE AWARENESS: This programme works sensitively with participants in exploring the key issues around suicide e.g. identity / self-worth / support systems etc. We train participants in how to engage with the person at risk through conversation and questioning.

  • DRUGS & ALCOHOL AWARENESS: We have designed a programme that explores why drugs / alcohol is so ‘attractive’ in society today, the effects on the body and brain and what options can be healthier and more effective in meeting people’s needs.

  • SELF-ESTEEM & BUILDING CONFIDENCE: This programme looks at issues that have either positive or negative effects on how women in Northern Ireland see themselves today: change in role, identity and status; family and social expectations; acceptance and affirmation of self and expressing the whole message of who each participant is.