Vision and Beliefs Mission Statement

AchieveNI works to support adults and young people in our community and schools to live life to their full potential. Our support includes:

  • Highly qualified, professional staff presentations and programmes of the highest professional standard.
  • Individual or group support and encouragement to achieve goals and aspirations.
  • Promoting, recognising and supporting carers, families and friends.
  • Engaging with other agencies to develop first class services that represent value for money.
  • Holding recovery as core to all the services we provide and promoting the recovery ethos to others.
  • Developing the skills and knowledge required to improve personal growth and development.

AchieveNI's beliefs and values underpin everything that we do in supporting people in our communities and schools. They are:

  • Dignity & Respect: People have the right to determine their own goals and aspirations and we will support them in their journey to fulfil them.
  • Recovery: By taking a holistic approach, individuals can be supported to challenge the adverse impact on their lives and achieve a quality of life.
  • Partnership: Working with parents, children, teaching professionals and the wider public enables us to influence change and achieve best practice.
  • Fair Treatment: Everyone has the right to be treated equally and to live their lives free of stigma, discrimination and harassment.
  • Valuing Everyone: Support given by peers, families, friends, staff, volunteers and carers should be respected and valued.