Upper Springfield Development Trust

AchieveNI are delighted to be awarded a new contract with Upper Springfield Healthy Living Centre for the provision of a range of programmes over the coming year. Courses focused on Health & Well Being and Stress Management. AchieveNI provided these programmes separately to Adult Men, Adult Women and Young Persons with participants attending from a cross-community base within the North and West Belfast area.

AchieveNI would like to thank the Upper Springfield Development Trust, in particular Kevin Bailey (Healthy Living Centre Co-ordinator) and Liam McAnoy , for entrusting us with this exciting challenge.

"Many thanks for all of the work that you and Jim have completed over the past year. It has been an excellent experience. You and Jim have conducted yourselves with the highest professional calibre, which both Liam and I have experienced but more importantly our participants have experienced."

Kevin Bailey (Healthy Living Centre Co-ordinator)