Reid Family Presentation

The Reid Family is available to speak at conferences and provide a consultative service to strategic statutory and professional agencies involved in health, education and social development.

An example of one presentation (which can be adapted to suit each audience) highlights:

  • Their personal story including; background, their refuge, post-disclosure, pressure from perpetrator, sentencing and grooming, positive and negative coping mechanisms, surviving the abuse, resilience, moving forward
  • What let them down. Failings within the system to include; Judicinal, Social Services, Practitioners, Support Agencies, Police Service
  • Productive system response; what can be improved on within the system in society today.
  • Working together

"The Reid Family presentation given by siblings Mandy, Julie, Joanne, David and Sheree is one of the most powerful presentations I have ever heard whilst working at BACP. Feedback received from delegates was very positive and they really appreciated this very moving story on how to survive and be able to inspire many therapists to help others. A truly inspirational family!"

Kathy Roe, Events Developments Officer. British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Please contact members of the Reid family through AchieveNI.