One families inspirational story

"What happened to us, is only a part of us. It's not all of who we are" The Reid Family

Mandy, Julie, Joanne, David and Sheree are five siblings from West Belfast, Northern Ireland whose courage, bravery and determination to move forward in their own lives despite suffering an extremley traumatic childhood, have captured the hearts of audiences across Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

What makes this family so unique, is not only their positive, genuine, down-to-earth and caring attitudes, but the fact they are all trained, highly experienced therapists and clinical supervisors working in schools and communities acrosss Northern Ireland. Mandy is the co-founder of AchieveNI.

Their resilience is what has attracted professionals across the board and it has been said on many occaisions:
'I wish we could bottle up what you have inside... we would make a fortune'

Their personal story is an inspirational one and gives hope to many others who struggle to deal with and understand the impact of abuse. In 2006 their bravery was recognised; they were invited to 10 Downing Street and presented as overall recipients of Britains' Childrens' Champion Award.

The family speak from different perspectives - that of individuals, male / female, professionals and also as a family unit. During presentations, The Reid siblings are open to and encourage questions to be asked by audience members. They hope by doing this will help to remove any stigma attached around the topic of sexual abuse but also offer a deeper awareness into the impact of the mind, body and survival / coping mechanisms that they and other survivors live with daily.

The family can be contacted through AchieveNI.