R.E.A.C.H Programme

This ‘new programme’ is designed to promote self-development and a positive, healthy style of living known as ‘optimistic resilience’.

Our programme responds to student research which has revealed evidence of :

1. Insecurity around issues of self-worth.
2. A lack of awareness of emotional growth through adolescence.
3. Difficulties in coping with a range of social and academic pressures.
4. Challenges in maintaining key relationships.
5. Unhealthy thoughts around confusion and hopelessness.

Our team has designed age-adapted programmes:

  • Realising a deeper level of Self-Awareness.
  • E xploring our willingness to transform mood.
  • Achieving our goals in how we impact our world.
  • Creating and sustaining key relationships.
  • Healing through self-belief and positive change.