Pure Krav Maga

We, at AchieveNI pride ourselves in being very focused, forward thinking and take into consideration the holistic view of any one person. Therefore we are delighted to say we offer self-defense classes and courses to individuals, organisations, senior school members and staff etc in pure Krav Maga as a confidence building, self worth, motivational skills development, team-building and learning exceptional life skills to defend against a possible attack. The 5 week basic course has been extremely popular and accessed for numerous reasons e.g. anti-bullying, domestic violence, group bonding, women only etc.

Boaz Aviram is the third in a lineage of IDF Fighting Fitness Academy Krav Maga Chief Instructors and has taught sky marshals of the Israel Aviation Authority, as well as numerous US and European federal and local law enforcement agencies. He lives in New York. Boaz Aviram, determined to preserve the spirit and body of the original Krav Maga, had published the book “Krav Maga – Use of the Human Body as a Weapon: Philosophy and Application of Hand to Hand Fighting Training System, ” with tells the true history of the system, its rationale, uniqueness, advantages, and completely documents what the training system is all about and how to use it. Aviram then created this Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery collection of training videos, the most comprehensive and detailed course in Krav Maga ever recorded. He is the founder of Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery™

In June 2017 Boaz Aviram, travelled to Northern Ireland and train directly founder of AchieveNI Mandy McDermott and husband Gary as instructors in Pure Krav Maga, taking them through an intensive course before certifying them both. Since certification, they teach PKM Self Defense at ReForm Health & Performance Unit, Mallusk - Pure Krav Maga Mallusk. Vowing to help preserve the original Krav Maga format they follow a strict curriculum Pkm Curriculum In A Nutshell as taught in the Israeli Defense Force. Their class is for both males and females (age 16+).

The underlying concept of Teaching Intensive Self Defense in Krav Maga is that students are programmed to distill the variety of possibilities to the most efficient identical reaction to possible opponent most efficient forms of attacks through a lesser form of efficient attack to minimize any possible danger. The training system concentrates on perfecting the software, the brain prior to testing the hardware, the body. When the operating system is synchronized, the student completely understands why he is training in one method or another, what the advantages and disadvantage, and does not acquire bad habits. At the same time Injuries are minimized from the least dangerous training method all the way through the most dangerous training method. The Original Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga was unique in first its desire to teach soldiers of diversified physical and mental shape intensively, that were volunteered or conscripted to serve their country. The Israeli Defense Forces Training System are devised to meet the required objective where failure is not an option. Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery™ is a concept created by Boaz Aviram, the third in Lineage of Israeli Defense Forces Fighting Fitness Academy Chief Krav Maga, succeeding Eli Avikzar and Imrich Lichtenfeld.