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NAPAC portfolioAchieveNI are delighted to see our friend and colleague Peter Saunders Chief Executive of NAPAC (The National Association of People Abused in Childhood) as only one of six guests, invited to a one-to-one meeting with Pope Francis. This has been the first of its kind where survivors of clerical abuse have been invited to the Vatican. Pete Saunders has been working tirelessly to give survivors of abuse a voice. AchieveNI are proud to support all the work Pete and NAPAC are involved with and look forward to meeting up very soon! Well done Pete!
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Britain's Children's Champion Award portfolioA major and pivotal moment in my personal and professional life was receiving the National Award as Britain's Children's Champion. This moment was a public and very privileged acknowledgement of the work my family members and I had accomplished despite many difficulties and setbacks. We were invited to 10 Downing Street to collect the award and then onto a star studded gala. I don't like to make anyone envious..... but I did enjoy my dinner sitting next to Simon Cowell and Frank Lampard! What a fabulous weekend we all had!
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Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service portfolio
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BACP 'Making Connections' event, Belfast portfolioSafeguarding and Child Protection Awareness Training
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BACP CYP Conference, London portfolioSafeguarding and Child Protection Awareness Training
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Barnardos NI Safeguarding Conference portfolioSafeguarding and Child Protection Awareness Training
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Safeguarding and Child Protection Awareness Training
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Unltd portfolioMany thanks to UnLtd and Ciara Brennan fund manager for their award in believing in the AchieveNI project which we hope will be a huge success story in 2012!
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Upper Springfield Healthy Living Centre portfolioMany thanks to Upper Springfield Healthy living Centre for entrusting progammes in Health & Well Being and Stress Management for adults and Young People from AchieveNI
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Registered Member BACP (accred) portfolio
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British Association Counselling & Psychotherapy portfolioMany thanks to Ann Benyon, (Former Chairperson, Children's Division BACP) with whom we had a productive conversation on topics relating to Pastoral Care and Counselling in Schools. Ann, because of her expertise and experience in structuring frameworks around the area of communication at all levels in education, was able to offer effective strategies in how we move the AchieveNI project forward.
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Nexus NI 30th Anniversary Conference portfolio