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Voices Women's Group portfolioMany thanks to the Voices Women's Group for their tremendous work and co-operation on AchieveNI's Stress Management Course.
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Young Person's Health & Well Being Programme portfolioA massive thank you to all the Young People at Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi Youth Centre's, who have put an amazing amount of time and effort into the Health & Well Being Programme. Lots of target and goal-setting, keep up the good work!
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Men's Health & Well Being Programme portfolioWow! What an amazing time AchieveNI had during the Men's Health & Well Being Programme at Farset International Hotel. Many thanks to all the men who took part, especially during the physical aspect of Health & Well Being, which David Henry (Fitness Expert) conducted. Well done and Thank you!
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Young Person's Stress Management Programme portfolioThis particular programme proved to be one of AchieveNI's most memorable courses. The Young People who attended the workshop were enthusiastic, determined and gracious throughout the entire course. We wish each and everyone of the young people every success in the future. Be proud!
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Newhill Youth & Community Centre portfolio
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Holy Trinity Youth Centre portfolio
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Turf Lodge Women's Association portfolioThank you to the ladies at Ardmonagh Women's Group, Turf Lodge, for all their hard work and effort throughout AchieveNI's Health & Well Being Programme. AchieveNI look forward to working with the women's group in the very near future. Well done!
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Whiterock Children's Centre portfolioMany thanks to all the 'Young Mums On The Move' group, who took part in AchieveNI's recent Health & Well Being programme. We felt very humbled and privileged to be able to work with such a fantastic bunch of young ladies. Well done!
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Lower Shankill Community Association portfolioAchieveNI are delighted to have been invited to work with the 'Prisoners in Partnership' group at the Lower Shankill Community Association. The stress management programme which included the much valued input from each participant present, has been a huge success. Special thanks to all the staff members who made us feel very welcome! Thank you.
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Highfield Community Centre portfolioMany thanks to all the young people at the Highfield Community Centre, who took part in AchieveNI's Health & Well Being Programme. The young group remained focused throughout the programme and interacted very well during each session. The input was amazing and it was great to see all their levels of self-esteem develop over the weeks. It was such a pleasure for AchieveNI to work with this young group. A special thank you to June (Highfield community youth volunteer), for helping to encourage and motivate the group.
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FASA portfolio
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Matt Talbot Women's Association portfolioA huge thank you to all the ladies at the Matt Talbot Women's Group. The group were very warm and welcoming, with honesty and realness present throughout the programme. The input and stories of real life experiences from the group added to the sincerity and fun during the course.