Cyber bullying has become a clear and real reality in education across all sectors. Technology has costs and benefits and cyber bullying is undoubtedly a negative consequence which requires urgent remedial action.

Our programme educates, challenges and supports Post-Primary students in becoming proactively involved in opposing the environment which accommodates cyber-bullying in its different forms.

Course outline:

  • What is cyber bullying? How it differs from ‘schoolyard’ bullying?
  • Technology and the dark side of being human
  • The bully and victim profiles
  • How cyber bullying works in different media
  • The silent majority – taking a position on cyber bullying
  • Prevention and deterrent strategies
  • The consequences if cyber-bullying is not prevented or stopped
  • Places to go and people to see if you are being cyber bullied
  • Cyber bullying: How to stay safe
  • Confidence building in the victim’s self

The programme also stresses the need to include affirming and assertive ways of relating with others into policy and practice structures at every level of the school system.


"Being bullied over the internet is worse. It's torment and hurts. They say ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ That quote is a lie and I don't believe in it. Sticks and stones may cause nasty cuts and scars, but those cuts and scars will heal. Insulting words hurt and sometimes take forever to heal."
(14 year-old girl)

“If you bully somebody face to face, and they get upset, you see them cry and be hurt. When it's over the Internet, you can't see the emotional reaction and go along thinking it's no big deal.”
(anonymous teenager)