About Us

How did AchieveNI come about?

Jim Sheehy an MS sufferer is originally from Dublin and Mandy McDermott originates from West Belfast. They met whilst training and studying at the same time. Their Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland personalities hit it off and they became firm friends.

Over the following years as they established their seperate counselling service and yet remained close friends, an opportunity from a Post-Primary School arose, requesting a training programme for older students. As Mandy and Jim discussed this further, a decision by both was made to 'go ahead', but only on a trial basis. After much researching, designing and scripting their Peer Mentoring Programme was created. It has now become so successful, it's being rolled out in many schools across Northern Ireland!

The excellent feedback received, through this experience and in their own words 'observing transformation before our eyes', got them thinking of the issues arising from within the counselling room and how incorporating those into unique tailor-made programmes would work in transforming the lives of others in schools and community settings across the divide.

In 2011 AchieveNI was born! From that day to this date AchieveNI have designed many different programmes and have continuous requests to deliver these further afield. Mandy and Jim acknowledge the added success of AchieveNI as being down to the positive attitude of staff members wih unlimited support from family, friends and colleagues. Mandy and Jim have always insisted on being friends first, buisness partners second! In 2015 AchieveNI has extended it's services to Southern Ireland and hopes this will be as successful as it has been up North.

"AchieveNI has carefully listened to needs and concerns expressed in community and school settings. We have developed knowledge and skill-based training which brings about a better sense of self and a consequent improvement in relationships and home-community settings. We set up AchieveNI because of our desire to provide dynamic, purposeful programmes in communities and schools based on issues around self-worth, communication and healthy living. Our work in counselling adults and young persons has led us to address the range of personal and social pressures present within their day-to-day living and working environments". Mandy and Jim

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