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Welcome to AchieveNI

We are a professional agency providing counselling; and training services to schools, agencies, communities, professional and statutory bodies across the UK and Ireland.

We provide one-to-one Counselling to children, young people and adults as well as critical incident intervention. Our accredited counsellors specialise in working with survivors of sexual abuse. Our senior staff provide supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists across a range of therapeutic approaches.

AchieveNI designs and delivers a wide range of programmes that address current concerns in Community, Post-Primary Schools and Primary Schools settings. All our training courses are researched, delivered and evaluated to the highest possible standards. Feedback from participants highlights the quality of material, the style and chemistry of presenters, and the interactive learning and fun throughout the group process. AchieveNI prides itself in modelling an attitude of respect and inclusivity for all participants.